Ojai- Girls Getaway

Ojai Valley Inn Experience

I hadn’t heard of Ojai until recently. Then the name kept coming up, over and over again. I wasn’t too sure why but I’m realizing now that it may have been due to the fact that I was exuding a very stressed presence to people around me and they were pretty much telling me to get my anxious butt over to Ojai to zen out. 

Were they ever right!! This place screams RELAX (or should I say whispers..?)… what I mean is that this quaint small town is already extremely low-key and beautiful, but then you add in this amazing resort ‘Ojai Valley Inn’ and you’ve entered the most stress free place imaginable. 

My three most favorite humans (@nobread, @tayrrussell, @emmabell) and I drove up to Ojai, checked into Ojai Valley Inn and got to experience the most amazing girls getaway. 


Here she is...Ladies and gents: The gluten free queen herself, setting up the cutest picnic for us. PRO TIP: find yourself friends that pack snacks.


Then we headed to Ojai Valley Inn's 'Artist Cottage' where I we got to MAKE candles. I proceeded  to act like an expert at arts and crafts and chat my friend ears off the throughout the whole experience (thanks to the complimentary rose the hotel so generously gifted us with). 


disclaimer: after I was being all extra with the model faces, we put sweat pants on and ate chocolate and laughed until I felt like I had done a thousand sit ups. 


We were later spoiled with an incredible dinner under fairy lights, surrounded by the nicest humans, and beautiful ambiance. 


Ojai Valley Inn had bikes waiting for us outside our room, and we took them out on our last day to go and explore the most adorable little town. We shopped vintage stores, ate local vegan food, and listened to live music in the park. 

I mean..... if theres a place to relax, let go, and enjoy yourself and the people around you... I FOUND IT. Yup, Ojai Valley Inn... Ill be back VERY soon. 

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Thank you for the magical stay.