The place that stole my heart - Australia

When Jordan told me he had a job opportunity for us to travel to Australia, all I could think of was all the chai lattes, cute cafes, and beautiful beaches I was about to experience (and the beautiful Aussie accents I was about to drool over). 

We got to fly with Quantas Airlines first class (never experienced such luxury before, they brought me freaking pajamas guys!!), and I've never been so comfortable on a 17 hour flight in my life. 


After we landed in Sydney, we headed straight to out our Bondi beach and checked into the QT Bondi Hotel 

I fell in love with Bondi Beach. It was hands down my favorite place I've experienced. The people, the ocean, the cafes...Just the vibe alone was perfect. 


My favorite cafes in Bondi were Speedos Cafe and Sadhana Kitchen. They both were a block away from the water, had amazing breakfast, coffee, and vegan treats. Honestly, every cafe near the beach didn't disappoint... I was in heaven. 

Soon after we flew to the Gold Coast, and arrived at the place all my friends had warned me about. They warned me saying I'd possibly never return from Bondi Beach since I would most likely fall in love with it. They weren't wrong. The positive atmosphere, the laid back energy, and the most breath taking views I've ever experienced. It is such a scenic place and an environment you want to in. I wish we had had more time here. 

We woke up at 5 am, drove up to the Bryan Bay Light house, and saw that they had set up a private picnic for us. The picnic was so Pinterest perfect with the aesthetic pillows and blankets, and the most adorable little boom box that played Vance joy while we sipped our morning coffee watching the sun rise. The most magical morning I could imagine. I looked around and saw people watching the sunrise, almost like it was apart of their daily routine. They ran up and down the stairs, getting their morning workout in, while I looked around at what may have been the most beautiful place I had ever seen. 

The lovely lady that set up the picnic came out and introduced herself. I seriously want her job.... She plans picnics for people at this same spot every morning, makes them breakfast, and just watches everyone fall In love with Byron Bay. The company she owns is called Wild Goats Events, and she is incredible at her job. She didn't have much experience cooking or baking plant based before, yet when she herd Jordan and I were vegan she prepared a three course vegan breakfast...... JUST when I thought this morning couldn't get any better....... VEGAN coconut yoghurt muesli parfaits, chocolate raspberry waffles, and sweet potato breakfast tacos.. HEAVEN. 

byron breakfast.jpg

After the best morning of my life, we already had to leave Byron (so upsetting that it was so short), and head back to Sydney to get on our flight home. 

I miss Australia so much, and think about it everyday. I cannot wait to go back, and am currently trying to find an excuse to do so. 

Let me know if you guys know anywhere else I should travel to in Australia, and any spots you'd recommend.