Bali Cafe Guide

So many amazing places in Bali. I honestly was overwhelmed with vegan options and my list of cafes I wanted to go to. I thought this time I would just share the places I went to in Canggu and Seminyak area, since thats where I spent almost all my time. The next time I return, I’m definitely going to explore Ubud and Uluwatu, as well as other areas more.

But for now… here are my favorites. 

Peloton Super Shop @pelotonsupershop

I had the honor of meeting the lovely owners of this cafe. They are truly amazing and created such a great space to hang out, meet friends, and enjoy some of the best vegan food. People were going crazy over this place! A lot of locals I had met ate here every single day, and I don’t blame them. I personally love my friend Elsa’s menu items: the soul bowl, and her blue smoothie bowl. I also love their coconut mylk latte and cookie in the morning. Bring your laptop, sit upstairs in what feels like a tree house and read or do some work with good food. 

The Shady Shack @theshadyshack

All their raw deserts! AMAZING! Also, I can’t believe I didn’t photograph the heavenly bowl that exists at this magical place. It’s called “The Nori Bowl” and comes with edamame, crispy tofu, veggies and seaweed. I’m obsessed. This place has such nice outdoor seating and is close to so many good shops! (left below is taken from their instagram)

Mad Pops @madpopsbali

Most *bomb* vegan ice cream. I loved the matcha flavor. It’s also super cute inside!


So unique, so fun! They call themselves “flexitarian” which I think is a clever description. Their menu has something for everyone. Authentic Indonesian dishes to more Aussie-type breakfasts. Healthy or non-healthy items. I got the popcorn tempeh nuggets, and vegan burger and fries. I wanted to try everything though! 

Silk Road @silkroadwholefoods

This street has so many great options…. Silk Road wasn’t spoken about too much because I think its quite new. The menu was more simple, yet still really good. Really nice outdoor seating and amazing coffee and pancakes. 

Coffee Cartel @coffeecartelbali

Loved this place! Its located in Seminyak, near Kind Community and Baliboa. It is also extremely aesthetically pleasing, so make sure to bring your camera. They actually print words or pictures on your latte…… genius. Their big vegan breaky with tempeh, avocado, toast, tofu scramble was perfection. The charcoal latte is also delicious.

Kynd Community @kyndcommunity

This place is super cute - very “instagrammable.” They just upgraded to a bigger space and the decor inside is quite adorable. All the food is incredible here. It’s all plant based. Whether you’re going for a latte and toast, or a juice and salad bowl, or an Oreo milkshake and Oreo waffles… :) Just make sure to get the sprinkle donut before you go. Wow. 


Here are some more pictures of the cafes in Bali that I loved. You should also try out Holiday Cafe and Koloni Cafe.

Let me know in the comments where you want to go and what you want to try!

Soulcation round 2. Back in Tulum.

Back in Tulum, with my soul sisters. 

Being here. Takes me back. 

It was only about 7 months ago that I was in this exact place. Attending a yoga/manifestation retreat at Habitas Tulum with who I didn't know would be some of the best people in my life.. and a forever bond that would change the way I view friendship. 

My first Soulcation experience in Tulum was in November, and I returned from this retreat feeling extremely empowered, grounded, and ready to make positive changes in my life. Little did I know, I didn't need to prepare to personally make changes... the universe did that for me. 

Many of these changes in my life are personal and not something I plan to get into detail about, however I realize now they happened for a reason. After my last retreat, coming home was full of emotions. I allowed myself to feel heartbreak, major confusion, and my mind would wander to what looked like a dark space. I realize that being away and experiencing independence, mediation, and self growth... I manifested these changes in my life so that I could shed the layers I held onto for so many years, a continue that growth I deserved. 


Tulum has a spirutal energy that allowed me to connect to the universe and to myself. As well as the humans by my side during this experience that are such strong, powerful, empowering woman. I am so thankful I had them during Soulcation, and after the retreat as a shoulder to cry on, yoga partners, mental coach's, and loving friends. 

The beautiful Angelique Cooper. She has a youtube channel, and a blog and is such a talented, passionate, positive human. 

The beautiful Angelique Cooper. She has a youtube channel, and a blog and is such a talented, passionate, positive human. 

Coming back for Soulcation round 2, I experienced some nerves in my stomach walking into Habitas (the hotel we stayed at) due to the energy and layers I had left behind last time. However it felt amazing to feel like a new version of myself. In this moment, I fully realized the work I had put in, the self growth, and the love I had allowed in my life since the last time being in Tulum. This was extremely empowering. 

Being here in tulum, around amazing souls... incredible cafes with foods that look like the rainbow and fresh coconut milk lattes.. I feel like the luckiest person. 

Shout out to the real coconut at the Sanara Hotel in Tulum for having such AMAZING food. A beautiful cafe overlooking the water with fresh homemade nut milks, smoothies, grain free/gluten free/dairy free options. This is the avocado toast on homemade plantain bread, banana pancakes, and a berry chia parfait. 

Shout out to the real coconut at the Sanara Hotel in Tulum for having such AMAZING food. A beautiful cafe overlooking the water with fresh homemade nut milks, smoothies, grain free/gluten free/dairy free options. This is the avocado toast on homemade plantain bread, banana pancakes, and a berry chia parfait. 


Costa Rica - Trippin with Tarte

The beauty world (cosmetics, make up, products) has never been something I educated myself on until lately. I realize how important it is to take care of my skin, and since I am so careful of what I put inside my body, its definitely just as important to care about what you're putting on your body too. 

As someone who tries their absolute best to only purchase vegan products, and loves to support animal cruelty free brands, Tarte cosmetics has always been a favorite of mine. They're vegan, cruelty free, and even own their own charity to help support our ecosystem and environment. Not to mention, I'm completely obsessed with all their beauty products, and new skincare line. 

When Tarte asked if I wanted to attend a trip with them, I literally did the happy dance in the car with my mom. My mom even said "wow, I don't think I've seen you this excited in a very long time".... she obviously hasn't gotten brunch with me for a while because this happy dance was similar to the reaction I have when my avocado toast hits the table. 

Anyways... I was stoked (understatement). 

I had also been dreaming of visiting Costa Rica. Especially the Four Seasons resort there, because I had herd it was absolutely incredible. I can now support this statement. Four seasons have never dissapointed me, yet Costa Rica being such a magical place just made it that much more dreamy and luxurious.

photo jun 07, 2 00 29 pm (1).JPG

I also got to bring one of my best friends. Emma is an incredibly talented, real, genuine, human with one of the sweetest souls. I am so lucky to have her. Her photos she captures are breathtaking, and she has her own style that shows through her art. She also looks better than almost every person in front of the camera..... Yes I have a crush on her. 

So happy I could bring her on this adventure, and we enjoyed exploring the jungle, ordering copius amounts of food for room service, and playing with all our new goodies from Tarte. 

We also ran into some friends that were also apart of the trip. Which was such a nice surprise!! 

photo jun 07, 2 19 10 pm.JPG

How beautiful is Eva? I love how she is always down for an adventure. We share. love for nature, Hawaii, vegan food and wine nights. Grateful to have experienced so much with this one! She is a true girl boss and has inspired me. (ps: Eva brought our friends Riley Taylor, who is also an extremely talented photographer... who took this photo.. and I love him.) 


Some of my favorite items I discovered while on this trip with Tarte. Not only did my skin feel like how I would imagine a mermaids skin, but the ingredients in these products are so pure and natural and some of the best chemical free skin products I've ever herd of. 

Tarte, thank you for making me feel like a jungle queen, a friend, and a real life mermaid. Forever grateful for this experience. 

Costa Rica, I love you. 

Ojai- Girls Getaway

Ojai Valley Inn Experience

I hadn’t heard of Ojai until recently. Then the name kept coming up, over and over again. I wasn’t too sure why but I’m realizing now that it may have been due to the fact that I was exuding a very stressed presence to people around me and they were pretty much telling me to get my anxious butt over to Ojai to zen out. 

Were they ever right!! This place screams RELAX (or should I say whispers..?)… what I mean is that this quaint small town is already extremely low-key and beautiful, but then you add in this amazing resort ‘Ojai Valley Inn’ and you’ve entered the most stress free place imaginable. 

My three most favorite humans (@nobread, @tayrrussell, @emmabell) and I drove up to Ojai, checked into Ojai Valley Inn and got to experience the most amazing girls getaway. 


Here she is...Ladies and gents: The gluten free queen herself, setting up the cutest picnic for us. PRO TIP: find yourself friends that pack snacks.


Then we headed to Ojai Valley Inn's 'Artist Cottage' where I we got to MAKE candles. I proceeded  to act like an expert at arts and crafts and chat my friend ears off the throughout the whole experience (thanks to the complimentary rose the hotel so generously gifted us with). 


disclaimer: after I was being all extra with the model faces, we put sweat pants on and ate chocolate and laughed until I felt like I had done a thousand sit ups. 


We were later spoiled with an incredible dinner under fairy lights, surrounded by the nicest humans, and beautiful ambiance. 


Ojai Valley Inn had bikes waiting for us outside our room, and we took them out on our last day to go and explore the most adorable little town. We shopped vintage stores, ate local vegan food, and listened to live music in the park. 

I mean..... if theres a place to relax, let go, and enjoy yourself and the people around you... I FOUND IT. Yup, Ojai Valley Inn... Ill be back VERY soon. 

Book your stay here:

Thank you for the magical stay. 



California Road Trip- Santa Barbara

As many of you may know... Jordan is making a film this year. He is pouring his heart and soul into this project, and it has been incredible watching it all come to life. I am proud to be apart of it and I am excited for the world to see once it is finished. 

We first went to Japan (blog post coming soon), and then the next week we spent one day getting a few shots for the film up in Santa Barbara. I cant believe I had never been there, it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

I can't wait to go back and explore, hike, drink wine, and be take in all it has to offer. 


Sunset on the water listening to good music, with good friends... perfect night. 


California, you have my heart. 

Soulcation: My First Retreat in Tulum

This past week in Tulum I found beautiful people, incredible places, and, most importantly, myself. It was a life changing experience that I will remember forever. What a day looked like on our Soulcation retreat:


7:00 am: Wake Up, Watch the Sunrise

8:00 am: Coffee & Tea

9:00 am: Yoga


10:00 am: Breakfast

11:00 am: Soul Chat

During our “SoulChats” we would take our journals out and listen to the beautiful genius Laina (creator of SoulCation Retreats) as she lead us through a session teaching us Law of Attraction, Manifestation, and ways to ReProgram your mind so that you can live with no judgment and positive beliefs. This was extremely effective, and between these chats, the energy, the people, mediation, and the time to myself… I came back seeing things more clearly and ready to take on life like the girl boss I am. 

Afternoon Free Time

A couple days during our free time, I went to the town with a few girls and explored. We found a raw vegan place called “Raw Love”, and it was amazing. I got the “Shroom Latte” which as a herbal drink made with different type of mushrooms and fresh creamy coconut milk, it was absolutely delicious.. I went back the next day and got it again. We also shared a chocolate dream smoothie bowl and added peanut butter for extra creaminess. And we got a salad to share as well because my body was craving ALL THE GREENS.

Another time during “free time”, I took my journal.. layed in a hammock and wrote. I love writing and am so happy I’m getting back into it. I really want to get back into singing. For now they’re usually just poems I write.. Or random words.. But I'd love to eventually turn them in to lyrics, and possibly share them with the world. 


6:00 pm: Yoga

8:00 pm: Dinner 

Watch the stars at night, and then sleep. 


We explored other hotels that had such a beautiful aesthetic presence to them. This one hotel had a beautiful Moroccan design, and I fell in love. Everything in Tulum has an energy that is so positive, laid back, and spiritual. I felt very at home there. 

I have been getting into mediation, spirituality, crystals, and yoga a lot lately and its really been improving my thoughts, my awareness, and my life. I will do a full blog post on this soon since I have so much to say about it, and so many tips to share!

Taking the bikes to the village and riding down the street with all the different pop ups, seeing all the locals working at stores and cafes, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this place. 

There were so many healthy places for juices, fruit, tea, food. I wish I had more time to try them all. 

The connections I made with these girls was so incredible, and they are such inspirational beings. 

Where is the place that feeds your soul the most? Leave me a comment! I'd love to know! 


Good Morning Paris

Oh Paris.. I miss you already. 

Jord and I got the opportunity to go there for fashion week and spend one lucky week in this beautiful city. From its romance, to the historic beauty and artistic atmosphere, I fell in love with all it has to offer. 

shoes: schutz  pants: zara  blouse: urban outfittersjacket: zara  hat: vintage purse: anine bing  


If you are ever traveling to Paris, I strongly suggest you take a day to wander the city by yourself. I know that may not sound like something you'd want to while in the most popular, beautiful, romantic city in the world... but trust me, it was the best day I've ever had. To walk the small streets and be surrounded by the majestic buildings and pretty architecture, and watch everyone from locals to tourists as they go about there day, was truly the perfect afternoon.

jacket: zara    jeans:  DL1961  sweater: aritzia   boots: lulus

After wandering through streets, and finding markets in Marais (my favorite area) I met with a friend for lunch at a cute (Australian inspired... of course) cafe, called Season.  I always use Yelp and HappyCow to find spots with good vegan options when I am on my own time traveling. This cute lunch spot had bowls, toasts, lattes, and juices.. All I need in my life. Seriously. I got the 'little bit of everything plate' (don't know if it was actually called that, but it should be) that had avocado toast, and a mini acai bowl with an almond milk latte. Now thats my idea of a perfect brunch! 

jacket: Alice & Olivia  pants: & other stories  boots: schutz  

After I hit up another healthy cafe by myself (its pretty much my favorite thing to do.. ever) called Wild and the Moon. Right when I read the name on Yelp, I knew it had to be a good one. This place was my favorite. I sat here, with my charcoal latte (omg, so unreal), and wrote a lot. I love writing, and sometimes forget how much it inspires me creatively, so it was nice to sit back for a couple hours and do this. I chatted with the barista, and herd her story, and then mostly just observed the people around me. The people of Paris were so elegant even when they were in a rush. They seemed happy to be there, and thats the energy that you want to be around when experiencing a new place. I can't say enough how enjoyable this day was. 

dress by lulus

My last day in Paris consisted of being surrounded by Super models and Jane Fonda.. Oh AND Helen Mirren. Like ummmm... COOL.

Being backstage at the Loreal Show surrounded by such empowering, beautiful, confident women was truly inspiring, and getting to sit front row and watch them kill it on that runway was so friken awesome.

After Jordan finished shooting for Loreal, we explored the city at night and went towards the Eiffel Tower to watch the lights that go off every hour (it may be touristy, but that's for a is pure magic) 


Thank you for having me Paris. I hope to see you very, very soon. 







The place that stole my heart - Australia

When Jordan told me he had a job opportunity for us to travel to Australia, all I could think of was all the chai lattes, cute cafes, and beautiful beaches I was about to experience (and the beautiful Aussie accents I was about to drool over). 

We got to fly with Quantas Airlines first class (never experienced such luxury before, they brought me freaking pajamas guys!!), and I've never been so comfortable on a 17 hour flight in my life. 


After we landed in Sydney, we headed straight to out our Bondi beach and checked into the QT Bondi Hotel 

I fell in love with Bondi Beach. It was hands down my favorite place I've experienced. The people, the ocean, the cafes...Just the vibe alone was perfect. 


My favorite cafes in Bondi were Speedos Cafe and Sadhana Kitchen. They both were a block away from the water, had amazing breakfast, coffee, and vegan treats. Honestly, every cafe near the beach didn't disappoint... I was in heaven. 

Soon after we flew to the Gold Coast, and arrived at the place all my friends had warned me about. They warned me saying I'd possibly never return from Bondi Beach since I would most likely fall in love with it. They weren't wrong. The positive atmosphere, the laid back energy, and the most breath taking views I've ever experienced. It is such a scenic place and an environment you want to in. I wish we had had more time here. 

We woke up at 5 am, drove up to the Bryan Bay Light house, and saw that they had set up a private picnic for us. The picnic was so Pinterest perfect with the aesthetic pillows and blankets, and the most adorable little boom box that played Vance joy while we sipped our morning coffee watching the sun rise. The most magical morning I could imagine. I looked around and saw people watching the sunrise, almost like it was apart of their daily routine. They ran up and down the stairs, getting their morning workout in, while I looked around at what may have been the most beautiful place I had ever seen. 

The lovely lady that set up the picnic came out and introduced herself. I seriously want her job.... She plans picnics for people at this same spot every morning, makes them breakfast, and just watches everyone fall In love with Byron Bay. The company she owns is called Wild Goats Events, and she is incredible at her job. She didn't have much experience cooking or baking plant based before, yet when she herd Jordan and I were vegan she prepared a three course vegan breakfast...... JUST when I thought this morning couldn't get any better....... VEGAN coconut yoghurt muesli parfaits, chocolate raspberry waffles, and sweet potato breakfast tacos.. HEAVEN. 

byron breakfast.jpg

After the best morning of my life, we already had to leave Byron (so upsetting that it was so short), and head back to Sydney to get on our flight home. 

I miss Australia so much, and think about it everyday. I cannot wait to go back, and am currently trying to find an excuse to do so. 

Let me know if you guys know anywhere else I should travel to in Australia, and any spots you'd recommend. 


Swim Week - Miami

This year I got to go attend Swim Week in Miami. It is the premiere event in the world for swimwear fashions, where models get to walk the runway showcasing the brands new swimwear items. 

Since I tend to travel to tropical places quite often, I'm always super interested in beach fashion and adding to my collection of bikinis. It was really neat to see everything from the unique swimwear styles, to the incredible production behind the shows, to the confident AF models strutting their stuff (props to them). I also got to watch a few good friends of mine and familiar faces walk the runway, which is always fun. 

FullSizeRender 42.jpg
pictured above outside of SLS hotel wearing FORAY COLLECTIVE swim

Miami is the perfect place for Swim week to take place, since all the hotels were right next to the beach, and in between shows you could sip a cocktail at your hotel pool with hundreds of people (or hideaway in your room and watch Netflix like me). I got to stay at the SLS hotel, which was amazing. Their rooms were so aesthetically pleasing (always a plus for the gram amiright?) and the location was so ideal. 


Even though Miami can be a little too "party" scene for me, when the weather is amazing and I'm right next to the beach, I have absolutely no complaints. I actually had so much this week, and can't wait to do it again next year..

FullSizeRender 41.jpg
pictured above w/ Whitney Fransway - both styled by INDAY clothing

Shout out to Foray Collective for dressing me for many of the events and rounding up all my favorite girls to attend this special week. 


Greece with Follie Follie

I just returned from Greece, and it was such an amazing experience. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I wanted to share some photos and memories with you guys, and also tell you how and why I got to attend this trip.

This was my first trip for work on my own. I almost always have Jordan with me while travelling, so the days leading up to this trip I was a little nervous, but very excited.

A brand reached out to me asking if I would attend a trip to Greece with a few other influencers and fashion bloggers. They were interested in having me model their accessories, create content of my own, and experience the incredible itinerary they had planned. I was honestly just thinking to myself "is this real life?", and I wanted to send an email back responding "DUH"...But I kept it a little more professional and responded saying that I'd love to attend. The brand is called Follie Follie and they are a Greek-based international company that designs, manufactures, and distributes jewelry, watches, and accessories. We got to go to their main store on the first day in Athens and take a look at all the items they sell. Honestly some of the most beautiful accessories I’ve ever gotten to wear, as well as (the most exciting part) vegan leather bags. I have a hard time finding vegan leather bags that look of good quality, and suit my style right, but these ones were adorable! They had them waiting for me when I arrived in Athens, and I may have screamed out of excitement. Since Greece is so beautiful and unique on its own, I wanted my style and accessories to be simple and elegant, and the accessories they gave us to wear on the trip were perfect.

The only negative thing about this trip was that it was not long enough. I almost felt like it was a tease. In Athens we could see the Acropolis from our hotel roof, and it looked so amazing. It was so close, yet so far away since we had no time to actually go there and see it up close. I guess I’ll just have to go back now, and drag Jordan with me this time.

After boating on the nicest yacht I’ve ever stepped foot in, we arrived in Hydra for the day. I stepped off that boat faster than the flash when I saw the word “café” because ya know.. It had been a while since this girl got her café fix. Kirsty (best manager in the world) yelled out “iced coffee Alyssa?”, and me being my dramatic, coffee-loving self, cried tears of joy. Those were the best words I’d herd in a while. I was also just suffering from the extreme jet-leg… but nothing a coffee can’t fix.

We got to stroll through the village for a little while, and the really neat thing about Hydra is that there’s no cars, so you either walk or take a horse carriage. If the horses gotta walk though, so do I. We walked to a beautiful lunch spot, and then back to the boat where we were off to our next destination.


We arrived at the docks on Spetses island where we checked into our hotel and passed out immediately. We were all so tired. Spetses was hands down my favorite place we went to. Everything so old and quaint, yet so beautiful and bright. The hotel we stayed in was all white, and my patio overlooked the marina with all the nice boats and beautiful clear blue water. I could’ve definitely stayed here a few more days.

I made some great friends and memories on this trip, and am so thankful that Follie Follie invited me on such an unforgettable experience. I vlogged the whole trip, and am so excited to share with you guys on my YouTube page. I’m already on a plane to the next destination… Where do you guys want to go?           

Vegan & Traveling

I’ve gotten many questions on being vegan, and how I stay vegan.

Honestly, I hate answering this question. It really isn’t difficult. Even if you aren’t living in one of the major cities that offer all the amazing vegan restaurants, you can still find options or buy groceries and cook for yourself. I am lucky to live in one of the most vegan friendly cities in the world, and I’m definitely spoiled here in Los Angeles with an overwhelming amount of options every day. But I was still vegan living in a small town outside of Vancouver Canada, and made it work just fine.

Travelling has made me realize that dietary restrictions can get tricky when away from home, and especially when you don’t have access to the foods and options you are used to. Here are my TOP TWO TIPS when travelling while vegan that have really helped me….


1.  Be prepared.

Whether you’re road tripping or hopping on a flight, sometimes our bodies can get a little mixed up. I always bring healthy bars or snacks just incase I need something and end up not being able to eat before my travels or during (usually vegan options on flights are slim and not the tastiest). I also bring these items incase I don’t have access to a sustainable meal once I get to my destination. I usually buy a banana and apple before I board my flight even though they charge me 40 dollars for two pieces of fruit and a liter of Fiji Water (damn airports). Some of my favorite vegan travel snacks to bring along are:

·      Nut butters - I get the little Justin’s almond butter packets, or the Artisana Brand) and then have that with some fruit… So bomb.

·      Lara Bars – They are the only bars I’ve discovered that have all real ingredients, and only very few (cashews and dates) and they taste like an amazing cookie.

·      Kale Chips – I buy local companies kale chips because I find they taste so much better and don’t leave a chemical after taste, like some of the bigger branded packaged types.

·      Larry and Lenny’s Cookies- Oh cookies. Why must you be available wherever I go now? I cannot resist. It’s actually pretty freaking awesome that I go into gas stations and see a vegan protein cookie in various different flavors sitting on the shelf, available for me to purchase. Thank you to this company for making that a thing. These are definitely not the healthiest option, but they have an incredible amount of protein, they taste so good, and no animals were harmed.. So count me IN. I will buy these and bring them with me when I travel, or even sometimes score them inside airport stores. The snicker doodle flavor is my favorite but I’ve also tried the pumpkin spice, oatmeal raisin, and lemon poppy seed, and really like them.  Okay I live all of them except the white chocolate chip. Sorry to that flavor for the hate. Anyways, you get the point these are good.

·      WATER- Vegan or not vegan… Hydration is key. I know it can be pricey in airports, but it’s worth it. If you’re road tripping, bring some water in bottles you have so you don’t need to buy plastic liter bottles a million times. I always feel AWFUL when I get off a flight and haven’t drunk any water. If you’re travelling somewhere with a time change, then that’s already so hard on your body and can cause exhaustion. In that situation its even more important to make sure you’re getting enough water in your system.


My snacks always change.  I will keep you updated if I find any new obsessions with vegan travel goodies.

2.  Do your research so you know how to order.

I always try and look up places that I can go to when I travel. and Yelp are constantly being used when I’m on route to somewhere I’m not familiar with.  I’ve learned some staples though that have saved me being in other parts of the world that aren’t as vegan friendly. My meal staples when traveling tend to be…


Breakfast: Fruits, Soy Milk, Muesli, Cereal or Oats.

Lunch & Dinner: Depends what type of Cuisine they offer. Lunch is usually quicker and smaller, with dinner being fancier (depends where we are, but we like to have nice dining experiences for dinner when we can). When we were in Italy, we ate a lot of bread and fruits and veggies, or pasta with tomato sauce. In Mexico we ate a lot of tortilla chips and guacamole, beans, rice and salsa. Smoothies are offered in many places, so we always try and get our hands on those if they have non-dairy milk instead of that gross cow stuff. If I have to end up getting a salad with no dressing and sides of vegetables (this does happen often), then I just pray they have bread baskets so I can fill up on that and olive oil before my food even gets to the table… Yup. Im a child. Anyways, some people in the world don’t have access to any foods at all, so we are all fortunate. I just want to support anyone trying to be vegan and let you know that It really isn’t as hard as people make it out to be.