Health & Beauty Favorites of 2017

As we take on a new year, with all our resolutions and goals, I like taking a few moments to look back on 2017 and remember all the amazing times, the goals that I accomplished, and the places and things that made a positive impact on my lifestyle.

Here are some places, activities, and products that stood out to me and will continue to use as we merge into the new year!


A skincare line that smells like HEAVEN ON EARTH. I honestly feel like a Hawaiian cupcake after I lather their products all over me. Its also vegan, cruelty-free, and super moisturizing and leaves your skin feeling amazing. I always travel with their rose toner and spray it on my face when I need a little pick me up.

100 Pure:
This is a makeup and skincare company that I recently discovered. I just love everything they stand for. They use all-natural, unique & healthy ingredients (all the pigment in their products is from fruit). My skin really has felt a difference after using this line and I’m obsessed with their brushes.


Hum Nutrition:
I'm so glad I was introduced to this brand. This may sound odd but I’m very obsessed with gut health. It is something that is so important to educate yourself on, and become more aware on how to take care of your gut. If you ever been on antibiotics or experienced digestive issues in any way, than supplements are definitely something to look into. Enzymes and probiotics have saved my life when it comes to issues like this. However my system has become quite selective on what supplements work and don’t work. Hum has many different types available (Cleanse, Gut Instinct, Beauty Sleep, Flatter Me, etc) and I’m a huge fan of them all.

Addictive Wellness:
If you have joined the mushroom health train, then you will love this brand! The couple that started this company in LA are so passionate about their products which makes it that much more exciting. My favorites are the chocolates because they come in all different “mood flavors”. For example, there’s: love, tranquility, passion, re-charge, focus, feminine energy… I think thats all of them. Not only do these little chocolate cups taste amazing but they’re infused with so many superfoods and adaptogens to help you feel however you need to that day. They also have the most delicious drink packets that I started making every morning. I mix the chai flavor packet with heated almond milk and coconut butter and cinnamon and it is heaven in a cup.

Four Sigmatic:
Another genius mushroom idea. Since I try and stay away from several cups of coffee a day (TRY being the key word here), Four Sigmatic’s products are great because they contain a lot less caffeine and are infused with different superfood mushrooms to give you an energy boost and help you focus. I am a big fan of Lion's Mane in the morning since it really keeps me grounded and still gives me the brain focus I need to get work done. Their hot cocoa is also incredible!

Hu Chocolate:
I'm currently writing this blog post while sitting at Hu Kitchen in New York City….aka the best place on earth next to Erewhon in LA. I wish we had one in LA, but what I am thankful for is that Erewhon, Whole Foods, and other health food stores all over the USA sell their chocolate bars. The almond butter quinoa, hazelnut butter, and fig flavor are my favorites.

My weird obsessions continue. But I kid you not… I could go through hundreds of packages of this stuff in a month. Safe to say I’m addicted. I wrap everything in the nori sheets, and put the wasabi, teriyaki, and onion flavor in all my bowls. I am a strange human. But give it a try… you may be too.

Moon Juice’s Crisps:
I'm sure many of you health nuts have herd of Moon Juice. This company has blown up with their powders, adaptogens, and nutrient dense products. If you live in LA and can find a Moon Juice near you (or Erewhon sells them too) I HIGHLY recommend these crips that they make. The green fermented flavor is my jam. It sounds weird, and to be honest it really is. They pretty much take the pulp left over from their juices, add some seeds and spices and dehydrate it to form into a cracker. The pulp is the most nutritious part though so when you’re drinking a juice you aren’t getting all the nutrients, so that is why I think these little things are the best idea ever. I will say, they’re an extremely pricey obsession.

A local company in LA. Also includes some of the healthiest ingredients within all their products. As some of you may know, I love coconut butter.. so much… I eat it by the spoonful, bake with it, and also put it in my superfood lattes. Philosophie’s coconut butter is one of the best I’ve tried. It has little cocoa nibs inside it. Its dangerously delicious.

Saje Wellness:
I would not be able to live without my essential oils. Pain, tension, stress, sleep hangovers, etc., the roll-on scents from Saje saves me everyday. I travel with them and keep them beside my bed. I stopped taking Tylenol and any pharmaceutical drug when I discovered this brand. Highly recommend.


Yoga & Mediation
I have continued to take yoga but it has affected my life a lot differently this year. I have found a love for it thats much beyond just a workout to stay fit. I do it for my mental and physical self. It is an amazing thing to get into for the mind, body, and spirit. I have met a few friends that have inspired me to continue doing yoga and try different types. I have started classes at core power in LA, as well as wanderlust, and am always trying to find new places to take classes. There’s a class at Wanderlust that has various locations around the USA called “The Class by Taryn Toomey” and it honestly has changed my life. My instructor at Wanderlust’s name is Natalie and she’s a real life angel that pushes you to release all the emotions you’re holding onto. It’s hard to explain the class, I would honestly just recommend trying it with an open mind. I leave with clarity and feeling much lighter. I can’t wait to continue exploring more studios and improving my practice.

This year I really made it a priority to journal my daily thoughts, affirmations, and gratitude lists. It's a great start to the day or to end it as well. When I make a conscious choice to take time out of my day to write these thoughts down, it always seems to leave me more at peace, more focused, and feeling refreshed. Once you start writing down your thoughts and hopes and “goals", you put that energy into the universe. I’ve also learned that involving manifestation in my life has worked best through journaling. I highly recommend writing down just a few sentences each day and see how you feel after a few days.

Saying Goodbye to Animal Products
This year I’ve made a huge effort to be cautious of what I buy, and whats used in the products I use, and clothes I wear. For so long I classified myself as a vegan when I should’ve really been using the term “plant-based” since the only vegan thing about my lifestyle was my diet. It is so much more than that, and I’m slowly realizing new ways I can better this body, our ecosystem, and our planet. I no longer purchase animal products and constantly read labels to make sure I’m not supporting brands that are not animal cruelty free. Of course we aren’t all perfect, and if I'm being brutally honest… I do have certain things I wear or use that I may have got a long time ago or that were a gift. As long as we are aware, and striving to do better, I think thats enough. Im excited to get more involved with organizations in the vegan and animal rights community in 2018.

Have you tried any of these favorites? What were you top picks for 2017?