First time at Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week

I just got back from New York City, where I attended my very first Fashion Week. I didn’t know what to expect in terms of events and fashion shows, but I definitely learned that it can get pretty chaotic. A lot of my friends that are bloggers were changing outfits multiple times a day while running from one show to the next... and then there was me.. A couple shows a day, but always fitting in time to explore the cafes of NYC and hunt for my favorite latte and treat (priorities am I right?) 

Since it was my first time, I didn’t have a completely filled schedule, however I’m happy that I had some free time during the days to wander the city that I love so much. 

pictured above: wearing lulu's. (shockingly not holding a latte, but thats because vegan ice cream from Van Leewan's is INSANE)

 A couple of shows and presentations that really stood out to me were “Noon by Noor”, Milly, and Alice and Olivia. All very different from one another but definitely some pieces within each collection that really drew me in. 

pictured above: wearing head-toe Alice and Olivia (loved their collection) 

Here are a few of my favorite spots in NYC that I discovered while wandering between shows: 

  • Chelsea Market 

 Remember I’m new to visiting New York City so many places I’ve never experienced before. When I came across Chelsea market for the first time, I felt so at home. I mean.. a food market? Yes please. They have the most amazing tahini there, as well as beyond sushi which is an all vegan sushi bar. Highly recommend. 

  • And Other Stories 

Now this may sound silly because apparently they have this store in LA, where I live, and I just never knew about it.. 

But I only just discovered this beautiful store while in New York. I’ve never walked into a store and thought that the entire thing could be my closet and I’d be happy.. until this place. It was my go to store everyday during fashion week when I felt like my outfit wasn’t complete. 

  • The One Hotel Brooklyn

This is actually a new hotel. It is located right in Brooklyn looking over the bridge. It has an incredible rooftop with most insane view of the city, and let’s be honest, every one hotel is just so aesthetically beautiful. We didn’t get to stay here, but the Bvlgari Perfume event we attended the first night was held here, and I couldn’t get over the venue. 

  • Williamsburg 

No where specific. Just the entire Williamsburg. This may be my favorite area of New York. I think if I were to move to NYC, I would definitely consider moving to this neighborhood. It is so trendy, and so interesting with every little corner being so different from the next. It seems to be the home of many creative artists, and you really feel that energy when walking the streets here.  Not to mention the restaurant and bar scene is so fun with each place being so unique. 

  • Peaceful Cafe 

 This is my favorite place to eat. It’s quick, easy, healthy, and so yummy. It is an all plant based cafe, but their options are endless. They have tons of deserts, different types of lattes, and a huge variety of food on the menu. I got the asian salad with tempeh, and a side of roasted pumpkin and Brussels sprouts. I could eat that meal every damn day. Then to go I got a turmeric latte with a pumpkin scone. (Basic) 

  • Soho 

The home to many good cafes, restaurants, and shopping. Anything you need, you can find here (just a little more expensive)

pictured above: JACKET: Zara SHIRT: Urban Outfitters SKIRT: Aritzia SHOES: Schutz

Those were just a few of some of the great places I got to experience in New York City over fashion week. I'm loving getting to learn more about fashion, and realizing how much interest I have in it. Thankful to have met so many talented, creative people on this trip.. and ready for PARIS