Birthday Surprises in NYC

Jord and I decided to spend a few days in New York City after being in the Hamptons for the revolve trip. It’s only about an hour and a half drive, so we thought we would head into the city, see Jordan’s family (they live in New York), and spend our birthday together there. Our friend let us use is his apartment while he was away, so we got stay right in Union Square in a two bedroom apartment… We for real lucked out. 


It was such a good feeling not really having a plan. Usually when we go visit cities or other destinations, we have a full itinerary, or very specific obligations that take up a lot of our time and we don’t get to do as much as we hope for. But in this case, we had the freedom to wake up in the morning and take our time, and figure out what we wanted to do with no pressure. We went to the cafes I had been drooling over Instagram hoping to go to soon: Bluestone Lane, Twohands, The Butchers Daughter, Peacefood Cafe, and Cafe Clover. Honestly none of them disappointed, but I would definitely recommend going to Bluestone Lange in West Village, and getting one avocado toast and one cashew butter toast…The perfect savory and sweet meal, and so delicious. 


This NYC trip happened to be over July 7th. This is a special date since its both Jordan and I’s birthday. Yes, we share the same b-day. I love that about us. The day before our birthday we got dinner with Jordans family and a few of our friends that lived in the city, as well as Helen and Zack who also extended their stay in New York for a few days. I felt so spoiled being around so many great people in such an exciting city. But the real spoiling came on our real birthday when Jordan surprised me with gifts in bed, and the best night of my life. The little s**** told me he had a surprised and kept throwing me off with what we were doing that evening. At one point he told me to wear athletic clothes just to throw me off and thankfully I didn’t listen and still wore a dress and heels (fashion first ammiiiright? ). We hopped in a cab and as we were driving through Time Square, Jordan asked the taxi driver to pull over so we could get out. We walked a few blocks down, and that’s when I saw the sign…. the lit up sign outside the theatre “HAMILTON”. 


IT WAS UNREAL. I honestly can’t put into words how unbelievably well done it was. I grew up going to shows, and thought I had seen some pretty amazing musicals, but this was probably my favorite of all. I’m still singing and will continue to sing the songs from Hamilton. 

So spoiled. Couldn’t have asked for a better birthday. New York City was indeed a dream.