CAFES IN LA (West Hollywood/Hollywood)

Oh how I love cafes. One day, I will own a cafe with perfect aesthetic and damn good lattes. And you bet I won't forget the cliche avocado toast and matcha (duh). I am so lucky to have so many good food spots and cafes in Los Angeles.. However I do love exploring new places while in different parts of the world too. 

Listed below are a few of my favorite cafes and food spots in the Hollywood area. I will continue every week to add new favorite spots in different areas of Los Angeles. 

PS: recommendations are ALWAYS appreciated... let me know of any places you love, and I will try my best to drop by them! 

1. Alfreds (its overly talked about for's good!) 

My absolute favorite is an iced chai tea latte with almond milk. I also am obsessed with the Johnny cash quote wrote on the wall inside the cafe. Melrose place is a great little block to walk around too. 

2. Bardonna LA (Larchmont location) 

I'm obsessed with Larchmont Village. Almost all my favorite cafes live there. Bardonna has some of my favorite lattes (cashew milk latte, turmeric latte with cashew milk, oat milk latte), and they also have extremely delicious food. Nothing makes me happier than taking someone for coffee, and the place has options for you, and for them. When I see that a cafe makes their own nut milks, has vegan treats, and vegan food options... I scream like a little girl. Bardonna offers all of these, plus options for people who aren't vegan, as well as a cute backyard to sit in with pretty fairy lights.. because aesthetic is just as important. 

My order: Cashew milk latte, avocado toast, and dark chocolate chia scone. 

Pictured: The paleo bowl, no chicken, sub tofu scramble, add tempeh bacon. SO GOOD. 


Cafe Gratitude

Yes I love cafe gratitude. I know it is the ultimate cliche vegan spot, but I have my reasons for it being one of my top spots. 

1. I met Jordan here.

2. They only use real, healthy, whole food ingredients and you know your body will be happy after indulging in anything here. 

3. There lattes and baked goods are so tasty. 


Not many people know about this little window from heaven. This is hands down my favorite latte I've ever had in my entire life. I'm trying to convince the owners to re open an actual sit down cafe, because right now it is just a walk up window.. Great for grab and go though! But definitely going to keep putting it out there that they should have a sit down area, with more food options, and VEGAN treats!!! 

My order: Lavender Latte with hazelnut mylk. OR cinnamon latte with cashew mylk (SERIOUSLY TO DIE FOR) 



There are multiple locations, yet they still offer top quality coffee, baked goods, and delicious food. They make their own cashew mylk in house... So theres a point right there for them. And they are the home to one of my favorite vegan cookies in Los Angeles... Their famous banana cookie. It is perfection. They also have a really great breakfast menu thats offered until 4 pm everyday (including vegan or non vegan breakfast burrito, breakfast tacos, avocado toast, chia pudding etc). Its a great spot to meet someone for a coffee date, or even just grab something quickly to go. The staff is also really nice! 

My order: cashew mylk latte & vegan banana cookie


Let me know if you have any other favorites! Next I will be listing my favorite cafes on the west side of Los Angeles... So stay tuned! :)